Financial and Business Club. Boutique Space of Events.
Training Center. Sessions and Meetings of Executives.


Financial and Business Club. Boutique Space of Events.
Training Center. Sessions and Meetings of Executives.


Financial and Business Club. Boutique Space of Events.
Training Center. Sessions and Meetings of Executives.


Financial and Business Club. Boutique Space of Events.
Training Center. Sessions and Meetings of Executives.


Financial and Business Club. Boutique Space of Events.
Training Center. Sessions and Meetings of Executives.


Financial and Business Club. Boutique Space of Events.
Training Center. Sessions and Meetings of Executives.


Financial and Business Club. Boutique Space of Events.
Training Center. Sessions and Meetings of Executives.


Financial and Business Club. Boutique Space of Events.
Training Center. Sessions and Meetings of Executives.

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The club

Extending on the façade of the last floor of 18 Goya Street (corner with Velázquez), an illustrious house in the heart of Madrid's Salamanca district, is Raheem. A space for excellence together with privacy, culture, gastronomy, leisure and business.

Here, men and women chosen among the business elite, professionals, artists, athletes enjoy a cosmopolitan meeting place. A Financial and Business Club to which only people whose profile justifies their high level of demand have access.

The business meetings, the conciliation between entrepreneurs and investors, the creation of selected networks of social and professional contacts, and the celebration of events, make up Raheem's main currency. For this our facilities are conditioned. Large meeting rooms, multimedia room for events and presentations equipped with the latest technology, showroom, hall bar to savor an exclusive cellar accompanied by select gourmet products, VIP room for business and rest with TV, private bathroom and shower, large kitchen with all the means for catering and showcooking. Special mention for our tailor shop, where the designer Félix Ramiro -Dedal de Oro 2015- advises on image and dresses our associates (felixramiro.es).

Each partner knows and interacts with others according to their preferences and the nature of their business. Attend our private events according to your tastes and / or professional affinity. It benefits from the goods and services offered by the Club as a result of agreements with our partners and suppliers: private banking, insurance, luxury concierge, custom travel, real estate services, interior design, works of art, tailoring and image consulting, jewelry and haute horlogerie, motor ...

Many multinationals and foreign executives without headquarters in Madrid use our units for their meetings and / or events. We help our foreign partners to settle in Spain on a personal level (search and conditioning of house, schools) and professional (contact networks).

Share Success and Happiness is the state to which we wish to accompany you.

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Training Center - Days and Meetings of Directors

We have created a value proposition for professionals, companies and national and foreign institutions. The audiovisual and multimedia room of Raheem GL becomes a training center, courses and conferences with the services of coffee bar, catering and rest areas. We also offer these organizations to host their operations center, meetings and executive headquarters, lightening their structure costs within an ecosystem in which they can expand their contact networks to the highest level.

Our Club welcomes Boards of Directors and meetings of managers with the privacy, discretion, hospitality and high standing services that this type of event requires.

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Boutique Events Space

"More than a Space, we are an Experience."  Raheem

Multifunctional space of 400 square meters with capacity for 100 people, completely outside, which occupies the last floor of the building, where privacy, exclusivity and luxury will preside over any event. An exquisite decoration, spacious rooms with great luminosity, state-of-the-art equipment and an unbeatable geographical framing (Goya street corner with Velázquez), make our headquarters the ideal place for corporate events, product presentations, conferences, executive training courses, master class, wine tastings, art exhibitions, showrooms, press day, fashion shows, business / business meetings, team building, press conferences, TV interviews, advertising and film shootings, photo reports, breakfast with media , showcooking with the best chefs on the national scene ... We offer to expand and strengthen the call with "target customers" if your event is commercial.

All helped with the flexibility and adaptability of our multimedia room, hall bar, meeting rooms, VIP room and large kitchen. And respecting the high quality standards required by each celebration of our associates and / or client companies.

We offer to complement the corporate events with the Raheem Experience, giving companies the chance to reward their executives or assistants / guests with unique experiences such as tasting the creations of a chef with Michelin stars, taking measurements in our tailor shop -Félix Ramiro- for the making of a suit, master class in executive coaching, master class in communication for managers, wine experiences, the gift of jewels or fine watchmaking and engravings, of a perfume chosen among the best in the world, or with reproduction in 3D of each assistant in high definition ceramics, dossier of photography and video of the event ... Travel with us to a universe full of emotions:


The generation of tailors Félix Ramiro, make him live a unique experience in Club Raheem GL, from the taking of measures, the choice of their fabrics, the commitment to details, and the authentic infinite personalization, to achieve exclusive and unique garments They will be part of your skin.

Handmade crafts, architecture and design allow to make suits suitable for customers with good taste. Félix Ramiro bets in the Club for luxury, glamor and design for all those members and attendees of events whose image is their best business card.

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Second and third generation os tailors within the same brand.


Executive Coaching.

Master Class for the development of managerial and leadership skills, in order to get the most out of the team and generate a sense of commitment and pride of belonging to it, acquire tools for interpersonal communication and conflict resolution, or training aspects such as Time management and productivity itself, or difficult decision making.
Executive coaching is a process of accompaniment to achieve those objectives that are difficult for us to reach alone, or that we are not reaching in the desired time. Focused on executives, middle managers, entrepreneurs who want to develop and expand their potential at work.

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Personal, Executive and Team Coach by the International Coaching Federation. Trainer in managerial skills and author of "The little book that will make your life great" (Enienta-Planeta).


Crisis communication.

The session allows you to know the keys to communication management in crisis situations. We say that communication is the strategy because the result of the critical moments in the life of a company depends on it. Learning to manage them is key to getting reinforced. Preventing risks, training teams, having good crisis management manuals is crucial. All companies are going through a crisis at some time in their lives that compromise the company's future or its income statement. The class is very practical, and focused on the analysis of specific cases.

How to raise your speeches to the next level.

There are memorable speeches and others that go unnoticed. There are interventions that leave their mark; from others you hardly remember anything. Rhetoric and oratory are useful tools to raise the quality of our discourse, to persuade and convince our audiences, to gain their trust. Knowing how to make a good speech, a good presentation, lead us to a high degree of connection with our auditoriums. The key is to master some fundamental questions, but also in training techniques. The session gives you the essential elements to raise your speech to the next level.

Journalist and philosopher, Former Director of Information Services of TVE. Former Director and Presenter of the News. Best Informative Television Academy year 2000. Two Gold Antennas and one Silver. Advisor and coach of executives and presidents of multinational companies.

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"We are what we do, day by day. So excellence is not a fact but a habit." Aristotle.

Protocol and Image Course.

Face-to-face program designed to use the Protocol as a strategic communication tool, on a personal and professional level, with the aim of strengthening the personal brand itself and projecting the best image. It contains training on Protocol and Label, greetings and presentations, visitor treatments, international protocol, personal image and elegance, and non-verbal communication.

Table Label Workshop.

Learn to cope with the table and gain confidence and security, whether in business lunches or in other types of events. The session takes place during a 3-course meal. In it the correct way of using all the utensils is practiced. You will see how to eat with elegance by polishing table manners and influencing the mistakes we should avoid, while enjoying a pleasant experience.

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International advisor on Protocol, Image and Label of companies, diplomats, professionals and senior officials.


French winemakers of international prestige will transport you to the wine universe. Choose from 4 Experiences taught interchangeably in Spanish, French or English. Do you want to live it? Contact Us



Ideal for an intimate moment with your customers.

Château Lafite Rothschild, Vega Sicilia, Pingus, Château Margaux. We propose several formats of unique evenings with mythical wines. We create an ideal environment to mix business and pleasure. Great wines are an ideal tool to meet your public relations goals. They transmit prestige, grant status to their company and their guests.



It consists of adapting the Casino universe to the delicious world of wine through different games that allow participants to make use of their senses, knowledge and oenological experiences. Participants bet, guess and pass tests on colors, varieties, aromas and denominations. Recommended for team building.



Session in which the attendees are the true protagonists and learn by playing “winemaker”. The players are grouped into work teams to produce, promote and sell their own wine. The mechanics of the activity make the participants feel the owners of an imaginary winery in the Ribera del Duero. Recommended for team building.



It is a team building in which participants compete by answering a series of questions about wines tasted individually and by team. It combines learning with fun since it consists in conducting a survey on tasted wines. Participants can select and cast their responses in real time thanks to individual voting controls. The results are displayed graphically and instantaneously, which makes the tasting interactive and full of entertainment.


From the hand of a prestigious French perfumer, travel to a fascinating universe. In a brief masterclass on signature perfumery, which includes a blind tasting, each attendee can choose their favorite aroma among the best in the world and take it home at the end of the event.

Perfume is the invisible complement that innately says a lot about each person. It is necessary to choose it according to the personality, the occasion, the season, the geographical location ...

Make the exclusive diagnosis with our perfumer and know your olfactory profile living a unique experience.s

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Moon Diamonds, a team of experts in diamonds and gems with half a century of experience in the sector and backed by a large generation of diamond producers, carvers and classifiers, teaches this master class. During the session, they bring the world of diamond to their hands and accompany them to discover the reasons that make it the main gemstone. Experience taught by Nacho Luna, Ignacio de Pilar and Ana Vítores, diamond experts; in two possible formats: "Breakfast with diamonds" in the morning session, or "The market value of the diamond" in the afternoon session.

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Our spaces


Recepción-Hall Bar

It includes the reception of the Club, waiting space and for welcome cocktails, partners' corners and hall bar.


Presidential Hall for Events and Meetings

Space for business meetings, meals, wine tastings, showcooking. It includes permanent art exhibition. Capacity: 32 people.


Audiovisual and Multimedia Room

Equipped with the latest technology for events, brand presentations, training courses, press conferences, breakfast with media. Capacity: 50 people.


VIP Room for Business Meetings and / or Rest

Reserved for managers during events. Work and / or rest meetings, TV interviews, photography sessions. Equipped with TV, bath-shower and large closets.


To Salt

Office for work meetings and breakfast / meals. Capacity: 12 people.


Tailor shop

Tailors Félix Ramiro and Miguel Ángel Ramiro (third generation) dress and advise the image of the Club members.


Our partners

Club members enjoy preferential agreements with our partners.



Large kitchen for a permanent catering and showcooking service offered by the best chefs for events, celebrations or corporate gifts to their executives.


Our partners

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